*All of our luges are hand carved, so the weights and dimensions are approximately determined*

Tailgater (Small)-             $60.00

  • 55-60lbs

  • 20” Long x 11” Wide x 10” Height

  • Perfect luge for small gatherings and tailgating the Buffs games!

Party Starter (Regular)-   $120.00

  • 85-90lbs

  • 25” Long x 11” Wide x 20” Height

  • *Our best Seller!*

Block Party (Large)-         $180.00

  • 160-175lbs

  • 40” Long x 11” Wide x 25” Height

  • Not for the faint of heart, only meant for the most experienced of Lugers!


Lighting/Drain Package- $50.00

  • Currently only available for the Tailgater and Party Starter sizes

  • The lighting is remote controlled for more colors and effects!

  • Drain is a must have for an inside party to prevent a dripping mess

  • The whole setup is reusable for future luges!


Personalized Engraving- $20.00 (per side)

  • We have the ability to engrave a short message of up to an average of 3 words per side (ex. Happy Birthday Sarah!) or anything else similar that would add that something extra to complement your party theme. 

  • We will be glad to work with you to best come up with a personalization that best suits your needs!


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