Why should I get an ice luge for my party or event?

The ice luge is a social centerpiece of any party.  People see it, and are drawn to it and want to try it out. When using liquor down any ice luge, because of the contact with the ice, it cools down the shot so it goes down very smooth.  As we say, our luges ‘always get the party started!’

What makes our ice luges better?

Our founder, Case McClellan is a 4th generation iceman.  He created the ‘wedge style’ luge to accommodate all sizes of parties, and most importantly to create a long lasting ice luge at an affordable price to you, our valued customers! 

Why shouldn’t I just buy one of those plastic mold ones online?

Essentially, they are pieces of shit.  Mold luges come out cloudy, therefore the ice isn’t as strong, cracks in the ice happen much faster and the alcohol falls right into the cracks of the channels which makes is useless and a waste of money.  All ice blocks we use are crystal clear which makes our luges stronger and last longer.  #breakthemold

How long do our luges typically last?

By nature, just like the weather, ice can be unpredictable.  Our luges are hand-carved the day of your party to prevent excessive melting.  Our track record over the past 15 years speaks for itself and the only issues that have ever arisen happened to be on 85-95 hot, humid days.

***Most importantly, always try to keep your ice luge OUT OF THE SUN.  Even in cooler temperatures, any ice carving will melt twice as fast as opposed to being out of the sun and in a shady area***

Do you offer any custom ice luges in different shapes?

Unfortunately right now we do not.  The ‘wedge luge’ is specifically carved in the shape so it sits on the table (no need for a stand) and  it makes it much easier for one person to handle and won’t melt nearly as fast as any other ice luge available around.

Can I customize my ice luge in any way to complement my party theme?

Yes, we can do short engravings on either side of the luge for an additional fee (located on our price list).  Due to space restrictions we can only fit a name or small message

Do you deliver?

  • Free delivery is offered in the Boulder area if you order your luge a week in advanced from your party date (This only covers the Tailgater and Party Starter sizes)

  • In any circumstance, the large Block Party luge will carry a delivery fee of $20 due to its weight

  • Any other deliveries within a 48 hour period there is a $10 fee

  • We take all of our orders in advance so the more notice the better

  • We can always try to accommodate our customers if they prefer pickup as well

  • We may consider deliveries outside of the Boulder area for an increased fee

If I pick up my luge, how do I transport it? Will I need a large vehicle?

  • All of our luges are wrapped up in a heavy duty plastic bag so it won’t leak in your trunk or car during your drive back.

  • For the large Block Party luge you will need a larger vehicle or at least one with fold down seats to fit it properly


How do you accept payment?

  • We accept payment through PayPal, Venmo, or cash.

  • To confirm your order, our policy is that you must pay a 50% deposit up front. 


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